Playmates 1991 – Talkin’ Leo

“Kick Some Shell!”, “Hi-yeah!” and “Kowabunga!”
Favorite thing to do: Talk while kicking
You can’t help but hear Leo’s loud lectures! He’s one tumultuous talkin’ Teen-tonsiled Turtle – and no one – get it – no one, can bellow boisterous babble with such gutsy green gusto. Why? Cuz he’s in charge, and that makes it okay to be the loudmouthed leader. Don, Raph and Mike don’t mind listenin’ to Leo’s totally awesome addresses: they know his turbulent Turtle talk has a deep mutant message. Leo’s not afraid to be the vociferous voice of the Turtle Teen team, especially in battle. He’s ready to roar that Turtle tongues are worth listenin’ to; that bein’ green means pizza for all, and that’s a message all the Turtles can sink their teeth into!
© 1991 Playmates

Master Splinter

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