Biography – Inuwashi Gunjin

The Inuwashi Gunjin (Japanese for Golden Eagle Soldiers) are a group of four winged warriors in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward.

Behind the Scenes

  • The kanji that makes up Inuwashi (犬鷲) literally mean “Dog” and “Eagle”, respectively. Inuwashi refers to the Golden Eagle. Gunjin’s kanji (軍人) comes from “Army” and “Person”, taken together, meaning soldier.
  • According to Playmates’ website back when Fast Forward was first introduced, each of the Gunjin had names. These names seemed to be one-to-one counterparts with each of the Ninja Turtles; Leader, Hothead, Sage, and Joker.
  • An action figure of the “Leader” Gunjin (simply named by the group’s title) was to be released, and was even advertised on the back of the cards of other Fast Forward figures. However, he was never released.

Master Splinter

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