Biography – Ananda


Home: Earth

Abilities: Technopathy

Affiliation: Justice Force, Domeoids

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Universe: Mirage Comics, 2K3 Series, Lost Season, Fast Forward, Back to The Sewer

First Appearance: Dome Doom

Voiced by: Carrie Keranen

Ananda is a superhero and member of the Justice Force, and the daughter of Battling Bernice and (in the 2003 series and its follow-ups), Dr. Dome.

Former Justice Force member Dr. Dome began attacking his ex-teammates to draw his beloved Bernice out of hiding. However, it turned out that his love for Bernice was unrequited, as was hers for Stainless Steel Steve. Bernice, like the other members of the Justice Force, had moved on with her life, and died three years prior to Dome’s attacks. Bernice’s daughter Ananda, who was drawn out instead of Bernice, relayed all of this to Dr. Dome.

2003 Series
In the episode Return of the Justice Force, Ananda attempted to get revenge on the Justice Force because she blamed them for her mother’s death in action. She took over her father’s Domeoids and used them to capture the old Justice Force one by one, forcing them into stasis. When her father came barging in on the the Justice Force, believing Stainless Steel Steve was responsible, Ananda presumed that JF would destroy each other. However, Mikey reminded them of their friendship, forcing Ananda to reveal herself and use the Domeoids instead. Mikey was able to come up with a strategy to dissipate her control by engaging the Domeoids in multiple locations at once, causing her concentration to falter, which resulted in her father’s Domebot to fall down on her and pin her to the ground. Her father helped her up and told her that her mother came back to the Justice Force of her own free will to protect others. Finally coming back to her senses, Ananda took up her father’s and mother’s mantle and subsequently joined the new incarnation of the Justice Force under the leadership of Silver Sentry.

Ananda participated in the battle against the Triceratons’ invasion of Earth, but was forced to break off the attack and return to Earth with Metal Head, who had been injured in the fight.

The Lost Episodes
Ananda aided the Turtles in helping to subdue the resurrected Nano, whose core programming had been inadvertently scrambled by Baxter Stockman and who was therefore driven to attack the Justice Force. With the help of her technopathy, she was able to analyze his problem and introduced him along with Michelangelo and Leonardo into the Justice Force. Later on, Ananda and the rest of the Justice Force were part of the Turtles’ strike force against the Tengu Shredder.

Fast Forward
Ananda appeared in the episode The Journal, where she and the rest of the Justice Force were allegedly turned into babies by Michelangelo. Luckily, the story proved to be just a fabrication.

Back to the Sewer
She shows up in the episodes Super Power Struggle and Wedding Bells and Bytes. Ananda and the rest of the Justice Force were invited guests for Casey and April’s wedding. While coming late to the ceremony itself, they were just in time to save the attendants from an attack by the Cyber Shredder and the Foot Clan.

In the Mirage Comics, Ananda has inherited her mother’s super-strength. In the 2003 Series, however, Ananda has inherited her father’s technopathy, enabling her to control his Domeoids as well as communicate with other sentient machines. She enters a mission riding inside a huge, modified Domebot equipped with flight rockets in the legs, blasters hidden in the arms, and two pop-out blasters mounted in the unit’s back/shoulder sections. The Domebot can also transport a number of Domeoids for additional assistance in numbers.


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