1996 Original Fred Wolf Series – Episode 187 (The Return of Dregg)


The Return of Dregg
Written by: Jeffrey Scott
MWS #9062-9601
GROUP W #187
LOCATIONS: Turtles’ Lair, Donatello’s Workshop, The Dreggnaut

Michaelangelo’s mutation gets really out of hand – according to a virtual reality simulation using vortex crystals that Donatello is experimenting with. They continue experimenting.
On the Dreggnaut, the sensors have indicated that someone on Earth is using vortex crystals. Dregg believes that the Turtles must have figured out that the crystals have what it takes to de-mutate them.
Mung isthe leader of the planet where the Dreggnaut is being repaired. He is half human and half beetle. Mung gives Dregg a canister, the contents of which Mung says can build him anything. Dregg makes Mung his second in command and they take off for Earth.
Meanwhile, Donatello and Carter retest the de-mutation process. This time the simulation shows promise. Carter runs a simulation on his own genetic structure but the crystal has no affect on him.
The Dreggnaut is now orbiting around Earth. Mung pulls out a tiny micro-bot which looks like a robot ant. He holds up a tiny rocket and places the micro-bot into it. This single tiny micro-bot will be able to track down the vortex crystals. He first sends it out toward the Earth.
Back at Donatello’s workshop, all four Turtles are hooked up to a computer. Carter is stabilizing their mutations and it seems to have worked this time. They do not notice the micro-bot removing a tiny fragment of the crystal and crawling away while Leonardo is hooked up to the computer.
Carter says goodbye. As Leonardo goes to shake Carter’s hand Leonardo’s hand mutates and then the rest of his body. He storms out of the workshop and into the City with the other Turtles and Carter in pursuit.
Now that Dregg has the crystal he is able to continue with his plans. He sends a shuttle with micro-bots to an abandoned steel mill to build his Vortex Transporter.
When Dregg attempts to land his shuttle craft, the mutated Leonardo attacks it, forcing it take off into the sky once again. The Turtles then manage to get Leonardo into the van.
Meanwhile back at April’s apartment, the power goes out. April goes to the Hydro Electric dam to see what is going on. Now that she is a freelance reporter, she thinks there might be a story there. April spots the micro-bots doing this incredible work of constructing the Vortex Transporter. She contacts the Turtles but gets caught. The Turtles rush out to save her.
Dregg traps the Turtles and April and is about to use them as tests for his Vortex Transporter. Just as Dregg is about to throw the switch, the mutated Leonardo explodes out of the van and saves them. Dregg escapes in the Vortex Transporter.

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