Playmates 1996 – Stretch Shredder

  STRETCH SHREDDER The Mutant Malleable Madman! Stretch Consistency: Super Sinister Snot! Rubber Factor: +16.6 Maximum Stretch: Untested! Shredder’s Weapon of Choice: Shell Smashers Shredder is really bent outta shape now! He’s gone and Mutated himself to be just like the Stretch Turtles! He… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Stretch Rapahel

STRETCH RAPHAEL The Rubber Reachin’ Reptile! Stretch Consistency: Like a Rubber Chicken in a Pretzel Factory! Rubber Factor: +10.9 Maximum Stretch: From Here to Way Over There! Mike’s Weapon of Choice: Four Sewer Slicin’ Sais Sticks and stones won’t break his boes, cuz he… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Stretch Michaelangelo

STRETCH MICHAELANGELO The Mozarella Muscled Mutant! Stretch Consistency: Like an Extra-extra-extra Large Waistband Rubber Factor: +10.8 Maximum Stretch: Immeasurable! Mike’s Weapon of Choice: Two Numbskull Numbin’ Nunchakus Now that Michaelangelo can hyperstretch, he’s reachin’ out and touchin’ someone – from down the block! He… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Stretch Leonardo

STRETCH LEONARDO The Pretzel-twistin’ Teen! Stretch Consistency: Pizza Dough Perfection! Rubber Factor: +10.5 Maximum Stretch: Test results available next week. Leo’s Weapon of Choice: Two Katana Sewer Swords He’s Leo the limber leader who loves to stretch like nobody’s business. Not a day goes… Continue Reading