Playmates 1996 – Robomatic Raphael

The Ragin’ Ruckus-Raiser!

Out in his new MutantMechanical T-Transport Shell for a test spin, Robomatic Raphael is soon surrounded by scads of Shredder’s scaborous sycophants. If they only knew, they’d leaves faster than cheese melts on pizza. With legs as powerful as poundin’ pile drivers and arms with the enormous energy of building-razin’ wreckin’ balls, Raphael is a bruisin’ behemoth in an intense industrial jungle – and he’s ready for shell-kickin’ action! Surveying the scene from within the Kowabunga Clear Shield Canopy, Robotmatic Raphael gives a gregarious grin as he decides what to nail ’em with next! Whether slammin’ his Savage “Swift-n-Silent” Cyber Sais to their malevolent mark or deftly decimatin’ the rancorous ranks with his Ninja-Nihilatin’ Finger Flick Mega Mondo Missile, it’s evident that there’s no match for the amazin’ accuracy, super speed and sheer skill with which this Turtle Teen doles out destruction.

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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