Kevin Eastman to Appear at Boston Comic-Con 2012

The Boston Comic-Con is scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, and Sunday April 22nd, 2012. Featured Guests: Kevin EastmanĀ is best known as the co-creator of theĀ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a comic book phenomenon which was founded in Northampton, MA! For the… Continue Reading

Mirage – Casey Jones and Raphael Number 1

Cover: Simon Bisley Writer: Kevin Eastman Pencils: Kevin Eastman Inks: Simon Bisley Colors: Steve Lavigne with Altered Earth Arts Letters: Steve Lavigne First Printing: October, 1994 Number of story pages: 21 Back Up: 10 page “Guzzi LeMans” story by Jim… Continue Reading

Image – Bodycount – Collected Book

Cover: Simon Bisley Writer: Kevin Eastman Layouts: Kevin Eastman Pencils/Inks: Simon Bisley Letters: Steve Lavigne Colors: Altered Earth Arts First Printing: 1996 Number of story pages: 100 Additional Material: 8 pages of “behind the scenes” images and commentary from Kevin… Continue Reading