Mirage – Soul’s Winter (The Collected TMNT Work of Michael Zulli)

Cover: Michael Zulli Story and Art: Michael Zulli Scripting: Steve Murphy Letterers: Rob Caswell and Michael Zulli First Printing: February, 2007 Pages: 101 Collects: TMNT volume one #31 TMNT volume one #35 TMNT volume one #36 And three short stories:… Continue Reading

Mirage – Turtle Soup Number 4

COVER: Michael Dooney Writers: various Artists: various Letterers: various First Printing: February, 1992 Number of story pages: 32 Contents: “Pierrier in The Old Switcheroo!” by Mark Martin. 6 pages. “Fifteen Years Later” by A.C. Farley and Richmond Lewis. 3 pages.… Continue Reading