Mirage Volume 2 – Number 03 (Evolution)

Security guards at D.A.R.P.A. break into the room Baxter has sealed off and find their dead companions along with the body of Baxter Stockman, which has had its brain removed. The soldiers then discover a strange robot – which quickly… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 2 – Number 01 (Memories of the Future)

Splinter has a violent dream and he takes Donatello to a shrine where they can meditate. While there, Donatello sees a vision of the future. Casey dreams of his monstrous alter ego. April dreams she’s being chased and captured by… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 1 – Number 61 (City at War Part 12)

“City at War” Part 12 Continued from TMNT #60. As the Elite Guard prepares to deliver the killing blow to Karai, Donatello manages to overcome his injuries and grab one of the Foot Soldier’s machine guns. Before the Elite can… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 1 – Number 58 (City at War Part 9)

“City at War” Part 9 Continued from TMNT #57. Casey dreams that he’s walking with Gabby, when a monstrous version of himself shows up wearing the trademark hockey mask. Casey’s evil twin knocks him out with a swing of a… Continue Reading