Dreamwave – Collected Volume 01

COVER: LeSean, Erik Sander and Rob Ruffolo Writer: Peter David Penciler: LeSean Inkers: Erik Sander and Rob Armstrong Colors: Shaun Curtis, Rob Ruffolo, Susan Luo, Stuart Ng, Yvonne Poon, Ramil Sunga, Alan Wang and Kenny Li Letters: Matt Moylan First… Continue Reading

Dreamwave – Number 07 (Kali Flower)

The Thoogs, a street gang that April’s assistant Dheeraj had bested in the previous issue, now confronts the young martial artist and tries to force him to join their gang. Fortunately the TMNT are there to save the day. Unfortunately… Continue Reading

Dreamwave – Number 06 (Bend It Like Turtles)

April’s assistant, a practicing martial artist named Dheeraj, is beaten up by a street gang when he freezes up before the fight. O’Neil asks Leonardo to teach her young friend some pointers about real combat, and so the Mutant Turtle… Continue Reading

Dreamwave – Number 05 (Shadows of the Mind’s Eye)

Raphael becomes discouraged and decides that it’s time to take a little credit for the good deeds that he does – so after saving a girl’s kitten from a tree and getting into alotta hot water due to the aftermath… Continue Reading

Dreamwave – Number 04 (Meet Casey Jones)

Peter David and LeSean adapt the fourth episode of the TMNT cartoon series, “Meet Casey Jones.” COVER: LeSean and Erik Sander Writer: Peter David Penciler: LeSean Inker: Erik Sander and Rob Amrstrong Colors: Shaun Curtis, Yvonne Poon, Ramil Sunga and… Continue Reading