Dreamwave – Number 07 (Kali Flower)

The Thoogs, a street gang that April’s assistant Dheeraj had bested in the previous issue, now confronts the young martial artist and tries to force him to join their gang. Fortunately the TMNT are there to save the day.

Unfortunately this was the final issue in the series due to less than stellar sales. On behalf of everyone at Mirage, our heartfelt thanks go out to Peter David, LeSean, Erik Sander, the multitude of brilliant colorists and the editorial staff at Dreamwave for producing such an incredible and memorable run of issues. Sadly, Dreamwave ceased publishing comic books in early 2005 and, as far as I know, the company no longer exists.

COVER: Scottie Young
Writer: Peter David

Penciler: LeSean

Inker: Erik Sander

Colors: Stuart Ng, Jong-Im Lee, Sigmund Torre and Henny Li

Letters: Matt Moylan

First Printing: December, 2003

Master Splinter

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