Playmates 2009 – TMNT 25th Anniversary Shredder


The evolution of the Turtles…

A boy’s bowl of pet turtles falls into the stench of an underground city sewer. They land on Splinter, a penniless but powerful ninja master who lives in the muck.

Splinter’s enemy, Shredder (leader of the evil Foot Clan), pours a disgusting green ooze over Splinter (and accidentally, the Turtles!), hoping to zap him dead.

Instead, the turtle pets mutate into turtle teens, and Splinter turns into the biggest rat ever to face a trap.

Splinter, the big cheese leader, teaches the Turtles the ways of the Ninja! Together, they form a kick-stomping fighting team for the side of good against the deadly Foot Clan! Get ready for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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Master Splinter

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