Playmates 2003 – Fightin’ Gear Raph




Vehicle of Choice: In-Line Skates & Shell Cycle 
Weapon of Choice: Twin Sai Blades 
Birthplace: New York City Sewer 
Height: 5′ 2″ 
Weight: 180 lbs. 
Age: 15 years 
Previous Form: Pet Baby Turtle

Now the boys have a new level of attack in their war against Shredder – Fightin’ Gear! Raph has developed his own battle armor and extreme weaponry in the most unlikely event that he crosses the path of “His Nastiness” without the others. Together, as always, they dish out extreme butt-kicking ninja action. But now, with Fightin’ Gear, they can whup Shredder’s butt solo (at least that’s what Raph thinks)!

© 2003 Playmates

Master Splinter

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