Playmates 1997 – Next Mutation Venus




Accessories: Full-Swing Fan Shield, Thrasher Throwing Blade and Dagger, Bodacious Broad Sword, Battlin’ Blow Gun

“Way of the Turtle”
“Wu Guai De Zhe Xue”
(Pronounced Woo-gwai-du-jur-zu”)
Take heed of this knowledge and practice it daily – for the time may soon come for you to take charge – and battle the evil from within!

Splinter says: “Mind and spirit are as important as muscle and skill… wow, I’m really good at this!”

Venus dedicates much of her daily training ritual to building her mental agility and throwing accuracy. She accomplishes this by positioning her her target 20 feet away. Once she achieves 10 bullseyes in a row with her Thrasher Throwing Blades, she moves her target further away. The skill she develops through this excercise helps her to defeat the mightiest of opponents.

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1997 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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