Playmates 1997 – Next Mutation Raphael



Accessories: Double Blade Snappin’ Sais, Rabble Rousin’ Rake, Citrus Vice Shooter, Bodacious Bow & Arrow

“Way of the Turtle”
“Wu Guai De Zhe Xue”
(Pronounced Woo-gwai-du-jur-zu”)
Take heed of this knowledge and practice it daily – for the time may soon come for you to take charge – and battle the evil from within!

Splinter says: “Concentrate and focus of thought yields power.” Such a wise rat…

Raphael likes to sit quietly and close his eyes for fifteen minutes. This helps him relax and mentally work out any problems he may be having. Like the time Mike glued his shell to the chair. Guess he didn’t have a choice except sit tight!

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1997 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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