Playmates 1996 – Lickety Split Leonardo


The Wild, Wound-up Leader

Look out, dudes! Lickety Split Leonardo is coiled like a cobra and ready to spring into action! After the coil-shaped Mutagenic viruses washed over him, you might think Leonardo would need time to recover. No way, infection face! Our pizza-poppin’ platoon leader can’t wait to test his new Kowa-Boinga Technology against some simpy Foot! He’s wild, he’s wound-up and he wants to whack the enemy back to the Slime Age! Pull back an arm and his new Coil Force bodacious bod will pizza-punch any opponent and knock them back into their toxic dump. Or Kowa-Boinga karate kick a Foot fool into infinity and beyond! Lickety Split Leonardo’s speed and power will win every battle! Dudes, the sewers just became safer with the Coil Force Turtles on patrol!

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1996 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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