Playmates 1996 – Coil Cool Donatello


The Spring-sational Sewer Superhero

Accessories: Bodacious Power Poundin’ Bos, Foot-shreddin’ Knife, Slicin’ Stars Only a great superhero like Donatello could survive a bath in bio-engineered Mutagens! But dudes, it’s no problem! Coil Cool Donatello’s got some new bad dude-bustin’ superpowers, ’cause of those coiled viruses. His spring-sational strength makes him feel like super-steel! With his new Kowa-Boinga Technology, Donatello’s coiled and ready to spring and lash out against Foot fools! He’s pumped, primed and peperoni-prepared to pastafy all opponents everywhere! Dudes, it’s easy; just pull back an arm and Coil Cool Donatello’s fist will fly fast ‘n furious at the Foot. Or try pullin’ his leg back so that the Coil Force will kaboot an enemy into a different time zone! Coil Cool Donatello’s spring-sational strength of steel will sewer-slam every slimeboy every time! Dudes, the sewers just became safer with the Coil Force Turtles on Patrol!

Box text provided by Josh Rotunda

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1996 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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