Playmates 1994 – Scuba Divin’ Raph

The Deep Divin’ Sewer Sprayer!

It’s Raph, the deep down dude diver – and he’s flippin’ under the wild waves and swimmin’ to the rescue! You can see him comin’ a Mutant mile away with his kowa-cool bunga-colored SCUBA tube! Plus, Raph’s decked out in the sweetest scuba suit this side o’ the sewers.

It’s SCUBA time! Raph’s got the Foot right where he wants ’em – and they’re soggy ‘n’ soakin’ to boot! Thanks to his new high-tech Turtle SCUBA tube – the latest inflatable to float on foam – Raph is the Mutant master of SCUBA! This buoyant baby skims the sewers lookin’ for floatin’ Foot fools, then sinks ’em silly with the rotatin’ bad buoy blaster.

With the detachable divin’ depth charge, Raph can give the bends to any bad boy who goes under. And don’t worry when the Foot dive deep: the Foot-spottin’ scope can spot a fishy Foot fool, even before Raph can smell ’em (now that’s awesome)! Once the Foot hits bottom, Raph makes like a fish and dives down under to recover any fun Foot booty. So swim easy and float fine, Raph’s got everything under control, cuz he’s underwater, dude!

© 1994 Playmates

Master Splinter

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