Playmates 1994 – Pizza Skimmin’ Jetboat


Hop aboard and cast off on the one and only Pizza Skimmin’ Jetboat – the fastest, cheesiest craft ever! This bubbly boat proves once and for all that pizza just isn’t a fuel source, it’s a way of life. Anchovies will swim for safety as this saucy speedboat crest crashes and speed slashes through wild ‘n’ wet waterways. Sure the soggy soaked pizza pies get messy – but they’re good eatin’ when wagin’ war on the Foot Clan. Don’t each too much though. Those pizza pies power the 10,000 Turtlepower retro rockets. And when the goin’ gets greasy, the detachable sewer shark torpedoes and pizza cutter missiles come in handy. It’s mushroom mayhem when this crusty craft delivers its deep dish surprise: four flyin’ finger flickin’ missiles in thirty fathoms or less! And for fast anti-Foot action, this jetboat mutates into a kickin’ high hyperdrivin’ hydrofoil! The heat is on the high seas as this mozarella motorboat melts its way through the thick and thin of things. Happy boatin’ – and may the sauce be with you!

© 1994 Playmates

Master Splinter

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