Playmates 1992 – Super-Swimmin’ Raph

The Paddlin’ Party Player!


Accessories: Anti-Foot Flipper Fins, Kowabunga Kickboard, Sewer Snorkel & Turtle Games Gold Medal!
Total Career Laps: 30 Turtle Trillion
Dive: The Splinter Splash
Total Water Displacement: One Turtle Ton
Style: The Turtle Tread
Fastest Lap: .000001 seconds (there was a shark in the pool!)

This all-American amphibian can swim sewer circles around the foul floatin’ Foot. With his Kowabunga Kickboard under his arm and nature’s own wetsuit on his back, Super-swimmin’ Raph’s a popular pick for floodin’ out the Foot and the competition. He’s got the Foot divin’ for cover – underwater, that is. But, look out! No water-logged Foot Soldier stands a chance against Raph’s Anti-Foot Flipper Fins. This Foot flippin’, lap leadin’ hero may be wet behind the ears, but he’s never at a loss for air with his Sewer Snorkel. On land or sea, Super-swimmin’ Raph’s got what it takes to go for the Gold. Let the games begin!

© 1992 Playmates

Master Splinter

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