Playmates 1992 – Hot Doggin’ Mike

The Slope-slidin’ Sewer Star!


Accessories: Removable Turtle Shell Skis, Katana Blade Ski Poles & Turtle Games Gold Medal!
Favorite Course: Sewer Slush Mountain
Longest Ski Jump: 300 skis
Style: Foot Loose and Fancy Free
Fastest Run: 1.000000027 seconds – Uphill

The slopes are safe thanks to Hot Doggin’ Mike and his magical Mutant maneuvers. This battle boy turns the winter games into wacky games with his neato Turtle Shell Skis. And if the Foot should find their way onto the snow-capped reptile range, Hot Doggin’ Mike’s ready to slide into action with his Katana Blade Ski Poles. This downhill kowabunga kid is at his peak in performance. He’s got what it takes to take the lead – and all the Turtle Games Gold Medals, too! So look out on the lift, it’s Hot Doggin’ Mike! Let the games begin!

© 1992 Playmates

Master Splinter

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