Playmates 1992 – Spike N Volley Don

The Sand-lovin’ Spiker!

Accessories: Suntan Lotion Gun, Volletball Bomb, Bo Poles with Ninja Net, Sewer Soda Can
Favorite Beach: Spike Head
Favorite Ball: Wet ‘n Slimey
Favorite Play: Set Up to a Spike Out

Spike ‘n Volley Don is never off-sides when he’s spit-spikin’ down the Foot Clan on local sand. Always prepared for a game with his bo poles and ninja net, Don’s the dude on the beach. And if the Foot Clan gets under his skin, he’s ready with his fully loaded suntan lotion gun (it makes you squirm, not burn) and his trusty volley ball bomb (it’s a blast). This beach bum ball bouncer plays hard and parties harder. He’s a real Turtle team player – he’ll dive, volley, dig, dance and even side-out, as long as they’re playing for pizza, that is. So feel free to take in some rays and watch Spike ‘n Volley Don spike and spit. He’s good. He really is.

© 1992 Playmates

Master Splinter

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