Playmates 1991 – Shell Kickin’ Raph

The Super Sewer Soccer Player!
Team: Sewer Sonics
Position: Striker
Height: 5′ with cleats
Weight: 157 lbs. with inflated ball
School Team: The Grass Eaters
First Round Draft Choice
Career Goals: 1114
Shell Kickin’ Raph’s one grass-stained green guy who’s out to use everything but his hands. Reknowned for his powerhouse kickin’ leg, this side-steppin’ soccer sensei can out maneuver most mutants – on and off the field. Using his sewer spike kick, Shell Kickin’ Raph’s always the top scoring Turtle team player. He’s got the head for hammering, the legs for kickin’ and the shell for scorin’. Ten times winner of the mutant world cup, Shell Kickin’ Raph’s got the moves of a real half-shelled champion.
© 1991 Playmates

Master Splinter

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