Playmates 1991 – Raph’s Pizza Sai Set

Now you can fend off the Foot with Raph’s sloppy sai. Challenge ’em with cheese, poke ’em with pizza and never let ’em forget that the Sewer Force rules! It’s up to you to defend the ninja code of honor with Raph’s cheesy chopper. The fate of pizza-lovin’ Sewer Force members everywhere is in your hands. But don’t worry– we’re not sending you out to fight the foot without protection. That’s why we’ve thrown in the stale, pizza-proof Turtle shell safety shield — to provide double duty defense against anti-Sewer Force members and petrified pizza projectiles. Now get out there and put all your Turtle training to good use– make the Foot flee and the Sewer Force proud!
Image and box text provided by Stephan Reese
©1991 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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