Playmates 1991 – Make My Day Leo

The Kowabunga Crimefightin’ Cop!
Accessories: Baddie Bustin’ Belt, Sewerclub Nunchuku and Mutagen Magnum
Favorite Phrase: “Drop it, dude!”
Favorite Offense: 1128 (Eating a pizza with a knife and fork)
Pull over and drop everything, ’cause Make My Day Leo’s patrolling his down ‘n dirty bad boy beat. The city streets and slippery sewers are always safe while this kowabunga cop’s on duty. With his sewerclub nunchuku and mutant magnum, Make My Day Leo’s sure to keep the crooks on the hook and the crime in line. The Foot better learn to walk straight, ’cause lawman Leo’s walkin’ tall. And with Leo layin’ down the law and layin’ out the Foot, Shredder better watch his back, too. Leo knows the only way to reform that crime crazy crook is to re-form his metal face. So help take a piece of pizza outta crime – be a police partner with this reptilean rookie and righter of wicked wrongs!
Images provided by Vaughn Michael
©1991 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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