Playmates 1989 – Wacky Action Mouser

Robotic rat trap with an appetite for Turtles!

Action Features: Repulsive chomping jaws, real walking action, punch-out card of rats, Turtles ‘n things!
Birthplace: Baxter Stockman’s Laboratory
Height: 2’ 6″
Weight: 46 lbs. on an empty stomach
Hobby: Eating
Favortie Food: Groundround rat cheeseburgers, Turtle pizza

The Mousers were created by the infamous, wickedly winged Foot scientist, Baxter Stockman. These robotic rat traps patrol city streets and sewers, scanning for edibles with their penetrating search-eye. Your typical robot Mouser has a mindless cavity the shape and size of a walnut. Its cast-iron stomach, however, makes a garbage dump look appetizing. Chock full of Turtle pizzas, rodent ravioli, rat cheeseburgers and moused potatoes, these Mousers will devour anything.

With the determination of an exterminator, Mousers employ their neutron-noses to sniff-out and track down rats and Turtles. Their repulsive steel, chomping jaws can chew through anything, including the hardest Turtles shell.

© 1989 Playmates

Master Splinter

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