Mirage – Turtle Soup Number 1

COVER: Michael Dooney
Writers: various

Artists: various

Letterers: various

First Printing: November, 1991

Number of story pages: 32

The relaunch of the “Soup” franchise. :)
Here’s a list of this issue’s contents:

“Toyoduh in the Naked City” by Mark Martin. 6 pages.

“TMNT Attack!!!” Part 1 of 4 by Michael Dooney and Steve Lavigne. 6 pages.

“The Purpose of Fear” by J. B. Bonivert. 4 pages.

“The Ring” by Rick McCollum, Bill Anderson and Jim Woodring. 5 pages.

“Lucindra” by Rick Arthur. 5 pages.

“Turtle Power! ” by Rich Hedden and Tom McWeeney. 6 pages.

Master Splinter

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