Mirage – Tales of The TMNT Volume 2 – Number 04 (The Worms of Madness Part 2)

The TMNT seek the aid of the powerful mystic Pai-Doth Noor who frees them from the Spell of Reversal and transports them to the spot where the Foot Mystic and Shredder shark monster are planning to use Splinter’s body to host the clone worms.

Cover: Rick Remender, John Beatty and Eric Talbot
Plot: Steve Murphy and Rick Remender

Script: Steve Murphy

Pencils: Rick Remender

Inks: John Beatty

Tones: Scott Cohn

Letters: Eric Talbot

First Printing: July, 2004

Backup Story: “The Grape”, story by Steve Murphy, pencils by Jim Lawson, letters and inks by Eric Talbot (6 pages)

Master Splinter

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