1998-02 – Letters from Venus


It has been a very busy time for us lately! The battle against the Dragon Lord goes well, but there are so many dark forces about that we seem to have no time for rest (although Michael finds ways to entertain us!)

Most recently it is the poacher Bonesteel who has been tormenting us. He is not a very clever man at times, and yet he still manages to bring us much grief. I am unsure who he is working with or for, but he obviously has connections with some powerful people… either that or he is far brighter than he appears. I simply have doubts that the strange devices and weapons he has are of his own invention. Who knows… perhaps they are! As Donatello has said, one cannot judge the book by its cover, so maybe Bonesteel merely appears the fool.

Regardless, Bonesteel recently proved to be a mighty thorn in our sides. He managed to capture poor Michael one night while he was on patrol. Bonesteel had a machine which shot a barbed net onto Michaelangelo as he passed by. The barbs were all dipped into a powerful poison which knocked Michael unconscious. From there, Bonesteel put my friend into a cage of steel and set about capturing the rest of us.

This is what makes me think that Bonesteel has help… I do not believe that he has the knowledge to concoct such potions or devices. Donatello does not agree with me, as he says it is a simple matter for a hunter to make such things… but I sense something bigger is going on here.

About 12 hours later, Master Splinter and the rest of us Turtles decided that something must be amiss, and we went out to search for Michael. None of us had much luck, but Donatello did find a barb from Bonesteel’s net. It still had some of the poison on it, and Don returned to his lab to analyze its ingredients.

Unfortunately when we got back home, tragedy struck! Master Splinter thought that the barb looked oddly familiar, and when he picked it up to examine the thing, it broke open with many smaller points which all stabbed into his hand! Each injected a different poison into his system! He fell immediately into a coma!

Donatello had to act fast! He frantically worked on an antidote for the poison while I went to prepare some medicine of my own knowledge. I made some broth I know of which counteracts poison well and gave it to the unconscious Master. It seemed to ease his breathing, which was good… but Donatello felt that the Sensei was still in grave danger… and I agreed! He and I stayed to care for Master Splinter as Raphael and Leonardo went to find Michael. Raphael was very angry!

After 12 hours, Don and I managed to save Master Splinter from what we feared would be his death. Donatello, with the help of his computers, managed to deconstruct the poison and make an antidite which allowed the Sensei to awaken briefly. The Master, while apparently safe for now, still had us very worried! About this time the others arrived home with a vial of medicine. Leonardo told us it was a definite antidote for the poison. We waited a few hours before giving it to our Sensei, as he was already medicated and we did not want to make matters worse by giving him too much. I am happy to report that Master Splinter is resting well now and is sitting up and reading!

I do not know for sure what happened with Bonesteel. Perhaps one of the others can inform you of those events. Take care of yourself and I will talk with you again.

Peace be with you,
This letter was featured on NinjaTurtles.com and written by Dan Berger.

Master Splinter

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