1998-02 – Letters from Raphael


As usual, ‘s been a bit since we last posted any news… time flies by all too fast anymore. Can’t believe it’s almost Spring (well… “almost” might be a bit of an exaggeration… but I sure am in the mood for it. Despite having a pretty nice winter, I’m still in need of some sunshine. Grey days make it hard to be positive, know what I’m sayin’?)

I’ve been hangin’ with some of the ex-Foot members. A small group of ’em came to me for “guidance” awhile ago… heh! That’s kinda scary, no? ;) Anyways, some of ’em are actually from Japan, which is very cool… I’m exchanging some good knowledge with ’em… teach them to fight better, they teach me some of my heritage that Master Splinter doesn’t want us to know about (ninjas weren’t particularly nice guys historically, ya know). Anyways, the reason I’m tellin’ ya this is that I want ya to know that some birdscan change the color of their feathers. These guys are okay in my book… if you’d told me a year ago that some of my buds would be from the Foot, I’d have socked ya one… but it’s true. O’ course, they don’t call themselves Foot anymore… if they did I’d have to bonk ’em! ;P

Saw Casey awhile ago. We kinda got into it a bit. He doesn’t think I should be hangin’ with ex-Foot soldiers… I told him he was being a close-minded #$%! and he took that kinda personal. I dunno… Casey has really changed lately… he got all “conservative” or something. We left on bad terms, which has me kinda bummed. Maybe he’ll call me. I’m not callin’ him… he’s the one with the problem. I told him he should meet the guys and they’d change his mind, but he refused. “Once a crook, always a crook!” were his last words to me and then he stormed off… Case has a mighty big stubborn streak in him. I dunno… maybe there’s deeper things goin’ down with him. Maybe he’s bummed that he can’t hang in the streets anymore, now that he’s got a baby to look after. Whatever. Times change, ya know.

Master Splinter got poisoned by that geek Bonesteel a few days back. Me and Leo went to give him our thanks… I doubt he’ll be sending us any more presents for awhile. Splinter is lookin’ better today, but still don’t seem right. I twisted Bonehead’s arm until he gave us the antidote… it better have been the right one!

That’s a wrap for now. Gonna go meet up with the boys of the Clan Sai tonight for some training. If I can whip these guys into shape, we’ll finally have a powerful ally in this town. Wouldn’t that be freaky?

This letter was featured on NinjaTurtles.com and written by Dan Berger.

Master Splinter

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