1997-10 – Letters from Donatello

Salutations Cyberfriend!

Holy moley! My how things have changed in the past 8 weeks! So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin! I suppose I should begin at the start, as the saying goes…

We’ve met a girl turtle! A real live teenage mutant shinobi turtle of the opposite sex! This is very interesting! As you can imagine, the repercusions of this on a genetic and scientific level are quite staggering… I’ve been pondering the possibilities for weeks now! For as long as we’ve been cognizant, my brothers and I have thought that we were unique unto this world… so meeting Venus was quite stunning to say the least! The concept of propagating our species has gone from impossible to plausible… although what types of genetic mutations might occur from our corrupted gene pool is unknown at this time. I suspect that with a few hours of programming I can come up with something that will give us at least a simulated version of any offspring that we may have. Tests will have to be run first however. I’ve spent many hours working with the DNA structures of Leo and the lads, so it will be fascinating to see how Venus’ cells are similar to our own. The differences will be key. I’ve got so much to do! This is really, really beyond mind boggling!

Of course, I haven’t talked to Venus about this yet… this is a difficult subject to bring up. I must admit that I’m a bit embarrassed by it. However, the science of the matter is overwhelmingly exciting! I’ll have to wait until Venus is completely comfortable in her new surroundings. She’s had a rough time of it lately, and I don’t want her to feel like a guinea pig for some bizarre tests. I don’t know… I’m extremely impatient to start, but I know that science sometimes comes off as cold and insulting, so I have to calm down and wait until the time is right. Argh!

Good grief… I’ve got so many things to do! I can’t concentrate on anything else at the moment! Thanks for dropping by! I’m off to start writing some code. Things are going to get very interesting!

Take care!
This letter was featured on NinjaTurtles.com and written by Dan Berger.

Master Splinter

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