1997-10 – Letters from Michaelangelo


YEE HAH! Venus in da house! Hoo Hoo! Wugga Wugga! Oongalla Boongalla! Yukka yukka yew! YES YES YES!

A girl TMNT is way totally tubuloquacious completely awesomundoly wicked beyond the umptieth quadramegaliciously degree to the ulimato max!

And she’s cool, too!

Heh heh! Can ya tell I’m happy to see her? If not, I could elaborate…

Venus isn’t just da bomb, she’s da entire nuclear armament! She’s bodaciously freakazoidally spazmatically the peak! She frank jank, Hank! Awe yeah!

Did I mention that we’ve been joined by a new member of the team? Heh heh heh! Geez… I could ramble on like this for days (I have already! ;) Venus kicked our butts and then joined our team so now we’re kickin’ it together. Sweet! I’m so psyched to have her with us, I can barely put it into words… but I’ll try…

Heh… just kidding! I’m running out of whacked adjectives! :P Things are going really cooloso now that Venus is around! She’s given us a different outlook on things and we haven’t had this much fun in years! We were really getting into a rut before she appeared, but now the sun is shining again. Even Raphael has been seen to smile lately! Heh! Who’da thunk it?!!

Venus is way cool. She knows some really wicked tricks and she kicks tush like… well… like a mutant ninja turtle! We’ve been battling some bizzaro baddies of late, and it’s sure nice to have Venus around to help!

I’m very sorry that her Sensei died before she made the trip to New York. I can’t imagine how bummed she must be about that… I don’t even wanna think about Master Splinter leaving us! Hopefully she’ll be happy to be with us (cuz I know we’re just alittle bit cheery to have her around! :) We’re doing our best to make her feel welcome and part of the family, and she seems to be adjusting extremely well. She’s a tough turtle, that’s for sure! I’m glad she’s on our side! :)

The sewer is a much nicer place to be now that Venus is here! I hope you’re having a great Fall season, amigo! Despite my preoccupation of late, I’m thinking about ya! Rock on!


Master Splinter

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