1997-10 – Letters from Raphael


‘Sup? As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, we’ve gotten an addition to the team… oddly enough, this is a good thing. Mei Pieh Chi, or “Venus” as we’ve come to call her (don’t ask me why we needed to give her a weird nickname… blame Mikey) is a good person and a welcome relief from my brothers. She’s a bit too much like Leon for my tastes, so I’m thinkin’ mebbe the honeymoon is gonna be short-lived between me and her. Having a girl turtle around is nice, but having an anal-retentive girl turtle around may get tiresome… real quick-like. Mebbe she’ll stick to hanging with Leon and stay outta my hair (so to speak). Hope so. I’ve got no fantasies about having a house, 2 cars and 1.5 children, thank you very much. I saw what that’s done to Casey, and I want no part of it.

I’m sure the other guys are talking about nothing but Venus, as that’s all they’ve been doing lately. Can’t say that I blame them… she was a shock to say the least. As I said, she’s an upright person, and she’s square in my book. She’s another overly manipulated pawn of “discipline”, but different strokes, right? If that’s what she needs to be happy, then more power to her (and as Leon would say “Discipline is power”, so I guess that’s what she’ll get.) I’ve got a better handle on all this than I did a few years back, but I still see the value in chaos.

Hope things have been cool with you. Right before Venus turned up, the Shredder (of all people) poked his polished head outta whatever hole it was buried in yet again. I began running topside patrols as soon as the news broke, and had alotta fun breaking some other things. Casey went with me once, and both Casey and April one other time. April is surprsingly skilled now, but they’re off trying to live normal lives lately, so I’m seeing less and less of both of them. I think April is working on her novel… I hope she finds a publisher for it. Anyways, Venus helped us defeat Shred-Head yet again by doing some weird Shinobi mind-melt thing. It gave me the creeps, quite frankly. Venus’ ability to get into people’s heads is kinda scary, y’ know? Not that I’m worried about me… if she got into my head I think it’d kill her. >:) Magic being real is just a little whacked… I have hard enough time accepting some of the things Donny does with technology… but all of sudden I’m dealing with fireballs and dragons and vampires… it’s kinda disconcerting, y’ know what I’m saying? Oh well, I’ll deal. Always have.

Well, I’m about yakked out once again. Venus is cooking chow tonight… something her Master liked. I’ve never much liked Chinese food, but I gotta give it the ol’ college try, eh? We used to get take-out all the time… until Mikey got on that pizza craze and we all kinda fell into that. Blame that on youth. Eh, food is food.

Take it slow.


Master Splinter

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