Biography – Giant Wasp Queen

Giant Wasp Queen
Biographical information
Home Unknown Dimention
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Weapon(s) of choice Stinger
Occupation Wasp Queen
Affiliation Giant Wasp Colony
Physical description
Species Giant Wasp
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Out of universe information
Era(s) 2003 series

The Giant Wasp Queen is the gigantic queen of the Giant Wasps in the dimension of giant insects. She appeared in the episode April’s Artifact where she was beaten by April. She also later appeared in the episode The Trouble with Augie.

Like the rest of her species she seems to be similar to Earth’s Wasps and Hornets, albeit thousands of times bigger! Like the rest of her species she can be harmed by her own stinger, since she re-appeared in The Trouble with Augie after Leonardo attacked her with her stinger she could have been replaced by another queen or only briefly been out of commission. If someone or something disturbed her nest she would attack it, this is what happened to the Turtles and April and also, ironically, to the Brotherhood.

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