Biography – Frank Fosco

Frank Fosco worked on the Image series of TMNT. He did pencils for the 23 issues of the series. He has also lent his hand on the community driven completion of the Image series.

Image Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse
July 23, 1956
Professional comic book artist.
Personal Information
Professional comic book artist for three decades.

Complete body of work:

Megaton (4 issues)
Megaton Holiday Issue (1 issue)
Image TMNT (23 issues)
Truth For Youth (5 issues)
The Crossmen (1 issue)
The Strangers (4 issue)
Legionnaires (1 issue)
Superman Annual #6 (1 issue)
Showcase ’94 (2 issues) — Zero Hour
Steel (2 issues)
Robin (2 issue)
Batman Chronicles (1 issue)
Secret Files & Origins (1 issue)
X (1 issue)
The Savage Dragon (18 issues)
Agents of BADGE (1 issue)
Big Bang Presents (1 issue)
Ethereal Warriors (1 issue)

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