Biography – Dark Don

Dark Don
Biographical information
Home Earth
Nickname(s) Brainboy, Dark Donno
Date of birth October 4
Date of death still alive
Weapon(s) of choice Tail and Claws
Occupation Mad Scientist
Affiliation Dark Turtles
Physical description
Species Clone Mutant Turtle
Gender Male
Height 6′ 5″
Weight 345 lbs
Hair color none
Bandana color none
Eye color Yellow
Out of universe information
Era(s) Fast Forward
Voiced by Sam Riegel


Dark Don is the evil clone of Donatello created by Sh’Okanabo at the same time as the other Dark Turtles in Fast Forward.




Being a clone of Donatello, Dark Don is the smartest of all the clones. He doesn’t always act it though, being snarky to their leader Dark Leo and fighting for food like the rest. But that doesn’t mean he’s not intelligent; he is presumed to be the creator of the Terrorpin, their ship that is the equivalent to the Hovershell, and probably all of the other gadgets he is seen using (e.g. the giant magnet and smoke bombs in Bad Blood)

Out of all the clones, Dark Don is the one with the least resemblance to his counterpart. His brothers all have a similar head and face shape to the actual turtles, but Dark Don does not.

Dark Don does not seem to own a weapon though. He relies mainly on his analysis of his opponents in a fight, finding a pattern in which he can block their attacks with his metal wrist guards as well as openings for him to attack. In fights, he’ll often end up using his long tail as a weapon as well. He is also shown taking advantage of the appendage in other situations too (grabbing food from his brothers hands as seen in DNA is Thicker than Water)



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