Biography – Aska


Home: Kyoto, Japan, Earth

Weapon of Choice: Kuni

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 110lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Universe: Video Games

Aska is a kunoichi from TMNT: Tournament Fighters who enters the tournament to win money for her dojo. Also, Aska is only on the Super NES port of this particular game. She is actually an original character created by the developers specifically for the game, presumably due to the lack of female fighters in the mainstream TMNT universe. Fans of the TMNT Archie Comics see that Ninjara (an anthromorphic female ninja fox character) would had been a much better choice to keep with the heavy Archie theme of the rest of the game. Other fans see that Lotus Blossom from the 1987 series would had been in the game, instead of Aska (and to a lesser extent, April just as she did in the Genesis version).

There are many theories on why this character was created; some believe that as the game was made in Japan where the Ninja Turtles were hardly known despite several incarnations of the franchise over there (like the OAV anime Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen), she was included so the programmers would not feel alienated while working on a western franchise like TMNT and bring contrast with her as an anime influence. Also perhaps related to this theory, was that as the game would be released in Japan too, she was included to attract Japanese audiences who might feel alienated as well from the TMNT concept.

One of Aska’s attacks launches herself towards her opponent and attacks them with her buttocks. In the Japanese release, she wears a thong and her longer victory celebration shows her breasts bounce; much like Mai Shirauni of the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters fame, and in the Western version she uses larger tight shorts. So far this is her only appearance in any kind of entertainment media. It is quite possible that either Konami, Mirage Studios, or both companies hold the rights on her, so any future appearance would depend on their approval and it could be possible that she would not appear on anything TMNT related again.

Due to her charming derriere, she has quite an underground fan following. It is still in debate whether her name should be rather spelled as Asuka even though it is still spelled Aska in the Japanese version. Her uniform design is rather similar to that of Rachael from the Martial Champions video game. Although there was also a character named Aska was in another, though completely unrelated to the TMNT universe, Konami fighting game called Raging Fighter for the Game Boy (but called Outburst in its original Japanese version), the Aska apparently is a male in that game. However, the lone female character in the game, named Miyami, does bear more than a strong resemblance to the Aska of the SNES and Super Famicom versions of TMNT: Tournament Fighters, which also might suggest some blood relation as well between the two characters, either that, or the producers of Outburst/Raging Fighter had meant to call the girl Aska and the guy Miyami and somehow were confused in naming the characters. There has yet to be some sort of confirmation on either one of these particular theories but there is at least some strong evidence on one or both theories.

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