Archie – TMNT Adventures Volume 01 (1991)

Cover: Ken Mitchroney, Dan Berger and Steve Lavigne
Writers: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain

Artists: Ken Mitchroney, Jim Lawson, Ryan Brown, Dave Garcia, Gary Fields and Dan Berger

Colorists: Steve Lavigne, Michael Gaydos, Denise Lavigne and Mark Bodé

Letterer: Gary Fields

Published by: Tundra Publishing, LTD.

ISBN: 1-879450-03-8

First Printing: 1991

Pages: 95

Collects and recolors:

TMNT Adventures #5

TMNT Adventures #6

TMNT Adventures #7

Also includes an 8 page introduction retelling the Turtles’ origin.

This four volume set was done for a mass market release.

Master Splinter

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