Archie – April O’Neil Number 2 (The Chinatown Connection)

“The Chinatown Connection”

April and Oyuki are prowling Chinatown at 3 AM trying to document the gang war between the Dog Star and Golden Triangle gangs. April pops into a store to pick up some food while a member of the Dog Star gang named Kato tries to pick up an appreciative Oyuki – but the fellow disappears as members of the Golden Triangle arrive. Inside the shop, Dog Star ninjas burst through the window and attack the members of the Golden Triangle. Oyuki manages to film the fight as April ducks for cover. An explosion causes the gangs to flee as the fire department arrives, lead by Chu Hsi. The fireman asks April if she’s okay, but O’Neil is too preoccupied with the story and she and Oyuki hurry off in pursuit of the Golden Triangle.

April and Oyuki follow the trail down into the sewers, and discover where the Golden Triangle resides. The gang members are arguing over the threat the Dog Star ninjas present when Wing Min spots Oyuki’s lit cigarette. The thugs leap into action – April tells Oyuki to go get help while she distracts the gangsters. April is captured and taken to see Johnny Yen – the Golden Triangle’s master. Oyuki tries to get Chu Hsi to help, but he’s upset that April ran off earlier and is too busy fighting the fire… thus Oyuki decides to try to find the Dog Star gang member who had been hitting on her earlier…

April is brought before Johnny Yen just as Oyuki arrives with a bunch of Dog Star ninjas. April dives for the video camera as a battle breaks out. As the fight escalates, Yen transforms himself into a gigantic spider monster and bites Kato. Oyuki attacks the beast and is quickly captured in its web, but April cuts the line before her friend is hurt. Johnny Yen returns to human form and grabs a sword to fight April… but before the battle can begin, the Dog Star Gang’s leader arrives… none other than Chien Khan (from TMNT Adventures #30).

Continued in April O’Neil #3

Cover: Chris Allan & Ryan Brown
Plot: Dean Clarrain

Script: Steve Sullivan

Pencils: Chris Allan

Inks: Brian Thomas

Colors: Barry Grossman

Letterer: Gary Fields

First Printing: February, 1993

Number of story pages: 22

Additional Material: Six page Inky (Tattoo’s dog) story by Dean Clarrain and Eric Talbot.

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