4Kids Season 5 – Episode 105 (Lap of The Gods)


“Lap of the Gods”
Written by Christopher Yost
Original Air Date: February 16, 2008

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (John Campbell)

Master Splinter
The Ancient One
The Ninja Tribunal (Kon Shisho, Juto Shisho, Chikara Shisho, Hisomi Shisho)
Akuma Toori
Adam McKay
Faraji Ngala
Joi Reynard
Tora Yoshida

Tribunal Ship
Mystic Ship
Tribunal Monastery


Intro: Open as the Ninja Tribunal Ship passes over the ocean at night. The Turtles are onboard, along with four other Acolytes who have been chosen to fight in a great battle.

Act 1: The Tribunal Ship arrives at its destination in Japan – a harbor filled with an array of steep cliffs. The Turtles and other Acolytes are given cargo packs and ushered off the pier by the Tribunal. Their journey begins with climbing a steep dragon staircase to the top of a jagged mountain. The Tribunal stays on the ship, which begins to float up and away. As the staircase ends, the Acolytes cross an old bridge and enter a dragon-themed monastery. In the monastery courtyard, they enter a large building, the Oratory…

Act 2: Open as the four members of the Tribunal greet the Acolytes.The four members reveal their identities: Kon Shisho (ninjutsu master of spirit), Juto Shisho (ninjutsu master of weapons), Chikara Shisho (ninjutsu master of strength) and Hisomi Shisho (ninjutsu master of stealth). The Tribunal gives each of our heroes an Amulet of the Acolyte that will help them focus and amplify their chi. With that, training commences, as the Acolytes must diligently study, train, and focus to prepare for an evil they cannot comprehend.

Cut to the Tribunal later where the Acolytes are berated by the Tribunal. The Tribunal is frustrated and angry with the Acolytes’ slow progress. Just then an angry Master Splinter arrives, but as he enters the building, he is surrounded by twenty Mokusei-no-bushi!

Act 3: The Tribunal dismisses their wooden warriors and Splinter states that he has come to take his sons home. The Ancient One arrives late, breathless from the long climb to the monastery (it was the Ancient One that lead Splinter to this secret place). The Tribunal is angered over Splinter’s presence but they decide to explain a little of what they know about the oncoming threat. The Mystics are coming to reawaken their master by using three artifacts, two of which are already in their possession. The final is hidden in the Tribunal’s monastery – and the acolytes are training to protect it. Suddenly the facility is attacked, much to everyone’s shock. Black smoke seeps through the room and captures each member of the Tribunal. Now only the acolytes remain to battle the attacker, a demon-like Akuma Toori (fire demon).

Act 4: As the demon attacks, a falling piece of the ceiling buries Splinter and the Ancient one. The demon begins attacking and soon defeats everyone. But just as it appears the great battle is over before it begins, everything suddenly turns back to the way it was before the attack! With this we find that the Tribunal created this vision in everyone’s mind, illustrating that perception is not always truth, and that the battle ahead with be fraught with unforeseen dangers…

Master Splinter

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