4Kids Season 1 – Episode 003 (Attack of The Mousers)


“Attack of the Mousers”
Written by Eric Luke

Original Air Date: February 22, 2003

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Chuck Patton
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (Frank Frankson)
Splinter (Darren Dunstan)
April O’Neil (Veronica Taylor)
Saki (Scottie Ray)
Baxter Stockman (Scott Williams)
Hun (Greg Carey)

Foot Tech Team

New Lair
Sewer Tunnels
Stocktronics Lab
Bank Vault
Saki’s Palace


Intro: Mike is a little nervous about all the TMNT being in the Mouser storage facility surrounded by currently de-activated Mousers. It’s quiet, too quiet. (This basic scene repeats itself later in the main action).

From the last episode, the Turtles have taken the unconscious April back to the lair and have explained to Master Splinter that they had no other choice. As this discussion is going on April wakes up, freaks out again, and passes out.

In the meantime, the Mousers are breaking into a bank vault from underground and stealing all the contents, cash, stocks, bonds, jewels, etc. When the police finally arrive and get the vault door open, all that is left is wreckage and a hole in the floor.
Back at the lair, April has finally awakened and decided that the giant talking turtles and rat are real and she had better deal with them. Splinter retells the origin story for her, with appropriate accompanying animation. As Splinter is wrapping up the tale of the TMNT, Mike sees a report on TV about the bank robbery and calls everyone over to watch and listen. It doesn’t take but a second for everyone to figure out what caused all the damage and robbed the bank. April then proceeds to tell all she knows about Baxter Stockman, Stocktronics and the Mousers. After hearing April’s tale, the Turtles decide to raid Stocktronics and put an end to the Mousers for good.

April helps the guys break into the Stocktronics lab. After making their way past all the guards and security devices, the TMNT and April find themselves in the Mouser storage area, surrounded by currently de-activated Mousers. Just as the silence is getting creepy, things start to get active and a light comes on in the control room to reveal Baxter Stockman at the Mouser control panel.

After an exciting battle, the TMNT manage to escape the lab floor and break into the control room, capturing Stockman inside. After Stockman deals with the shock of 4 giant talking ninja turtles, he activates a program to have all his mousers descend on the control room and destroy everything within. As we hear the Mousers closing in, the Turtles and April try to override the system instructions, but nothing seems to be working. With everyone distracted by the Mousers, Stockman manages to escape the lab.

Just as it looks like it’s curtains for our heroes, April manages to stop the Mousers, but only by activating a self-destruct sequence. There is no time to waste, and the TMNT and April rush out of the lab back into the sewer tunnels, leaving Stockman to be dealt with at another time. Meanwhile, as Stockman is running from the lab, he is collared by the Shredder’s huge henchmen, Hun. Oops! Stockman’s got some explaining to do.

We end with April being welcomed into the TMNT family and Stockman feeling the wrath of a severely disappointed Shredder. The only thing Stockman can provide of any value is a hazy thermal image of the TMNT, leaving Shredder wondering about this new and unexpected problem.

Master Splinter

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