2003-04 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Yo amigas and amigos!

Whoa – another year is flying by! I dunno about the weather in your 20, but it’s been mondo cold and snowy here in the Big Apple! It seems like as soon as one storm is cleared away, the next one rolls in. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had some place to ply my shellacious snowboard skillz, but unfortunately the rooftops of skyscapers make a poor substitute for a mountain top full of the powdery stuff. Believe me, I’ve tried both! |:|)

Spring is supposed to be right around the corner, though, so I’m gonna enjoy the cool weather while I can. I’m sure in no time we’ll be wishing for a break from the heat – that’s how it always seems to go!

I hope you’re havin’ a great time, no matter what your 20 is!


Master Splinter

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