2003-04 – Letters from Leonardo


Spring is fast approaching, it amazes me how quickly weeks can rush by, and yet at other times, seconds can feel like hours. I suppose it’s all part of our mortal condition, but it’s somewhat distressing to consider that “time flies when you’re having fun,” because that means that time drags when you’re unhappy. That makes a happy life go by all too quickly!

Philosophy can be disconcerting. :)

Things have been going well for us of late, although Foot activity is once again on the rise. I suspect that the Foot Clan are trying to make more inroads for their criminal organization while the authorities are distracted. It’s hard to know what’s going on with them, but it’s a safe bet they’re up to no good in more ways than we can imagine. We’re stepping up our patrols and keeping a keen look out. Who knows what trouble is on the horizon.

I hope you are doing well and that you have a safe and productive Spring.

Be well,

Master Splinter

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