2003-04 – Letters from Raphael


So we’re back writing our lil’ “What I did on my winter break” reports. I thought I had it easy cuz I didn’t have to go to school and do this sorta thing. Ah well. At least I ain’t gettin’ graded.

Since we got back from NoHo we’ve been up to the usual stuff. We moved into a new lair (like the one you’re seein’ on the new TV show – on the Fox Network on Fox Box at 8:30 AM EST and 10:30 AM EST – aw c’mon, gimme break, I’m tryin’ to pay some bills here ;). It’s cool havin’ the new show on, they’re mixin’ our story up between what we’re up to now and what happened back in the day. Neat trick that one. Hope you’re diggin’ the new toon, I know I am.

The new lair is pretty spiffy, lots more room than the old place, but that means lots more work for Donny. I’d like to help the guy out more, but I dunno how to do all that technical mumbo jumbo he does. I figure it’s best to stay outta his way. I run extra patrols to cover for him, to give him more time to make this place safe and sound. I think it’s a good system, but I know he gets tired of it now and then. He’s really into the inventing thing, so spending so much time hooking up security systems and other stuff he finds boring gets to him. I know how he feels, cuz even the coolest digs can feel like a prison now and then.

Weather is still lousy here, I’m definitely looking forward to spring. Hopefully it’ll show up before summer.

Well, time for me to check our perimeter. Take it easy. I’m out.


Master Splinter

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