2003-04 – Letters from Donatello


I hope that 2003 is treating you well! :)

We’ve been quite busy setting up shop in our new lair (and by “we” I mean “me” ;)

Actually, Leonardo and Michelangelo have been helping, although in some cases we might all be better off if Mikey didn’t try so hard. His enthusiasm can be a bit… destructive… at times. But his heart’s in the right place (even if his mind is often in the wrong one :)

Raphael would rather spend his time brooding, and since he broods so well, I don’t like to disturb him. :)

It’s a lot of work getting everything operational. We spent quite a few days scrounging up parts from the streets and dumpsters of the City. This is where Raph comes in handy, as he’s got a real nose for finding the “good stuff.” It’s hard to comprehend why some people throw away their useful items, but we’re glad that they do. A little rewiring and some elbow grease is all we usually need to turn someone else’s “junk” into our treasure. We’re lucky to live in New York City, where so much is so readily available.

It’s like Master Splinter says, “A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself.”

Actually, I don’t know how that applies to what I was talking about… but it sounds good, doesn”t it? :)

I’ve got to get back to work, there’s quite a few circuit boards that need some checking and I haven’t even started refining the security alarms in the warehouse. A Turtle’s work is never done! :)

Take care,

Master Splinter

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