2002-06 – Letters from Leonardo


Please note: we’re on vacation until June 17, so we won’t be able to reply until sometime after then! Thanks for your patience!

I hope you’ve been well over the past 6 months. We’ve been busy with our usual routine, as nothing too unusual has occured since our last report (thankfully). We have been relaxing as much as possible, but with the Foot in the vicinity, that doesn’t equate to very much rest.

The most alarming development is that the Clan have sent yet another of Shredder’s relatives here with the task to reunite the fragmented Foot. We think his name is Chen, but it’s been difficult to get any confirmation… I’m not sure that it matters whether or not we know his name, but it will be easier to write about him if we name him – so for now, I’ll be calling him Chen. Raph believes that sooner or later Chen will be donning the trademark Shredder armor. I don’t think any of us will be surprised if he does.

A few weeks back we had a run-in with Chen and his men. Using the traditional tactic of “divide and conquer,” Chen managed to split the four of us up into two groups – unfortunately one of the groups was an isolated Raphael. By planning clever decoys, Chen had used Raph’s rash behavior against him. Raphael had gone ahead of us in wreckless abandon (which unfortunately happens more often than not), and then Chen’s Foot closed in and cut us off from our sibling. It was a difficult fight that engaged us for 20 minutes or so, during this time Raphael was on his own. Fortunately, Raph is usually able to back up his poor decision making with his excellent fighting skills, so while Chen had managed to separate him from the core strength of our group, he didn’t manage to take Raph out.

Interestingly, this wasn’t thanks solely to Raphael’s abilities. Unbeknownst to us, Master Splinter has been tailing us on occasion to monitor our abilites as well as those of the current Foot. Fortunately Splinter was with us that night, and he managed to covertly remove some of Raphael’s adversaries without Raph knowing about it. Splinter told me this information in confidence, and I trust you to keep it secret. The Sensei believes that he is making progress with Raphael and doesn’t want to “spoil” things. The Master feels that Raph would get angry about being “baby sat” and then turn his back on the lessons that he’s learning. I don’t see that Raph is learning anything, but Master Splinter does. As always, I will bow to our Sensei’s wishes.

Beyond the continuing saga of Foot clashes, very little has been happening. We haven’t heard from our friends the Mutanimals in some time, so we should contact them to ensure that all is well. It’s unfortunate that even in the quietest of times the mind tends to wander and you forget to do important things, such as check in on your friends. In saying so, I think I’ll go down to Don’s lab and have him contact Ray now.

Be well!

Master Splinter

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