2002-06 – Letters from Michaelangelo


Please note: we’re on vacation until June 17, so we won’t be able to reply until sometime after then! Thanks for your patience!

Not too much to report about these past bajillion months – pretty much “Today we got up, we practiced, we ate lunch, we goofed off, we ran patrols, we ate dinner, we goofed off, we ran patrols” repeat 30 times per month or so. =O)

One thing’s new – I was lookin’ up my namesake on the web to learn somethin’ about him (you know, the Renaissance artist dude “Michaelangelo”) – only to discover that we’ve been spelling it wrong all these years! So I decided to fix it and start spelling it right – so from now on I’m “Michelangelo!” Aw yeah!

I know it’s no biggy – just one letter an’ all – but I wanna do it. =O)

The down time is giving us the chance to make the HQ more rad than ever before. Don-san has really been a working machine! He’s added high security doors to most of our lair. Casey has been helping him build some stuff too, when he gets the chance. We’ve pretty much become Shadow’s official Cause – she’s determined to make the sewer abode a clean place to live. Try as we might to prevent this, she’s succeeding! =O)

I admit I’m basically a slob… making the bed and picking stuff up is BORING! And pointless, as you’re just gonna mess stuff up again, so why waste time making things look all spiffy? It’s not like we get any visitors we wanna impress. Ah well, I’m trying to “clean up” my act (for Shadow’s sake), and I kinda dig having clean digs sometimes. It makes it easier to find stuff, I’ll say that. =O)

The weather has been pretty good so far. Too dry, so we’re inna drought, but hopefully that will get fixed by some spring-time rain. I’ve definitely gotten more chances to carve some pavement (and some rooftop) this year than any other I remember. Ya gotta take the good with the bad! =O)

Well, it’s time for lunch and then some thrashin’ before I hit the sewers on patrol. Take care!


Master Splinter

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