2002-02 – Letters from Raphael


Dark times during this holiday. Let’s hope it gets better.

So we’re heading out soon – if ya write ya won’t hear back from me ’til next year. We’re taking a vacation from the vacation we’ve been having. Yup, all’s been quiet on our front lately. Nothing to talk about on that end. Makes me edgy, waiting for the next shoe to drop – but I’m dealing. All ya can do, right?

So Casey let me in on his little secret – since the others won’t be reading this (we’re heading out soon and there ain’t no internet at the farm), I’ll fill ya in. Casey is gonna propose to April. The mighty Casey is gonna get hitched to ol’ Carrot Top. Makes ya all misty, don’t it? ;)

It’s been a long time coming I guess. Not a real big surprise, and it seems like a good fit for the two of ’em. I don’t know anyone who could take either of them for very long, so they might as well hook up. ;)

It’s nice actually. Those two have always been there for us, so I hope it works out for ’em. They’re real, so I can’t see how it won’t. April’s been taking more to Casey since she began her own martial arts training – I guess she finally saw where he’s coming from. Case has always had a crush on April – even though he wouldn’t admit it for years. I think he thought she wouldn’t go for a guy like him – and for a long time, he was right! ;)

Ah well, all’s well that ends well. This is a good thing, cuz it’s nice to have something positive to think about. I dunno if Shadow knows yet, but I do know she’ll be psyched to have April for a Mom, those two get along great, so it’s all good. It’ll be nice to have an official family around too. Believe it or not, I can be sentimental on occasion. It’s part of my mysterious, brooding nature. ;)

So yo – that’s a wrap on 2001. We’ll see what 2K2 has in store for us all. With any luck, we’ll be rapping again in 2003. Be good, have some fun, peace out, rock on. Happy Holidays, too.


Master Splinter

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