2002-02 – Letters from Michaelangelo


Well, things have been really, really, really bad lately, but things have also been very good. As Master Splinter would say, it’s the Yin and Yang of life. I dunno which is which, but I could use alot more of the good stuff! I think we all could!

All’s been quiet for a few months now – no super villain attacks, no Foot Soldier fights, no alien invaders. We’ve just been hangin’ out and doin’ our best to relax. The Master has been working us extra hard in our training sessions, which helps us out in these dark times. Thankfully we haven’t had anything horrible happen to us this year, I wish I could say the same for the rest of the City and country. =O(

To help us recharge our batteries we’re gonna head up to farm country in Massachusetts ’til the New Year. Mebbe see some old friends and celebrate the holidays together, which will be nice. April and Casey already went up to get the place ready. Casey inherited an old farm house, which we visit every now and then, and it seems like it’s time for some now and then. =O)

April and Space Case are up to something – I can tell. I dunno what it is for sure, but they’ve got a surprise for us, and I don’t think it’s a Christmas pizza. It’s gonna be interesting! Speaking of pizza – I can’t wait ’til we get there, cuz we’re gonna have a Christmas feast! April and Splinter will be cooking up a storm this weekend and I’m wicked hungry just thinking about it! It’ll be rad! And afterwards, we’re thinking about trying to head up to Vermont for some skiing… if we put enough gear on, we might be able to fit in on the slopes! I hope so! I wanna get some serious snoboardin’ in! Wahoo!

That’s about it, amigo – we’ve just been chillin’, so there’s no big story to tell this time. Personally, I like having the time off, I think we all do (except for Raph ;O) I hope things have been going good for you and yours and that you have a cool Holiday. Take care and I’ll rap with ya in a few weeks – oh yeah! We won’t be around to answer mail, so if ya write, it’ll be a bit before ya hear back from us!

Happy Holidays!

Master Splinter

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