2002-02 – Letters from Donatello

Salutations cyberfriend!

Many months have passed since our last letters, and truth be told, we haven’t written because there’s been nothing to write about! Yup! Can you believe it? Nothing bad has happened to us in months! Things have been very quiet in the City of late, and I’m sure you’re all aware of the reason why.

We’ve been taking it easy for a long time now. The Sensei has kept us busy with our studies and training, but we’ve had more opportunities to chill out than ever before. It’s been very refreshing, to say the least. I’ve been able to focus my attention on my work, rather than on fighting some villain with a plan for world domination. I wish I could say the same for the armed forces of the United States and those of our allies – perhaps in time we can get back to living in peace. I certainly hope so!

It’s during this time that we reflect on the past and give thanks for our blessings, and I’m very thankful to all of you who have continued to write and support us. Your words of encouragement are very helpful. Thank you one and all. :)

We’re planning on leaving for Massachusetts this weekend, where we’ll spend Christmas with Casey, April and Shadow. Casey has told us he’s got a big surprise for us when we get there. I can’t wait!

Well, I’m sorry to be so short after such a long absence, but I’ve really nothing to report on. My experiments have been going well, albeit slowly (but slowly is a blessing in and of itself compared to my usual scheduling problems :)

Our security systems have all been refurbished, so we can leave with a clear conscious. I wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons and hope we can all share a wonderful New Year. Ill talk to you next year!



Master Splinter

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